We represent babies starting at the age of 1 (12 months). Our Baby Dept consists of children between the ages of 1 thru 4 year olds. We market them in the areas of Print ads as well as TV commercials. Sometimes we are asked by Clients to use them in Feature Films and Movies! Since the market doesn’t call for lots of work for these little ones, we only interview twice a year, usually January and July. You will need to call in and find out when the next “Baby Interviews” are taking place. Everyone comes in at the same time for a group session.

When you come in, bring your child casually dressed, 3 recent photos that are non-returnable (make sure there’s no food on the face, no halloween costumes, etc, we need to be able to see the child clearly), along with the yellow sheet  and the white 5 1/2 x 8′ card we mail to you 2 weeks prior to the interview.  Please don’t bring extended family members or additional siblings with you to the interview, as space is limited and we want everyone to be as comfortable as possible.  Thank you!

After the interview, for those babies that get selected, the Parents will get a phone call back or an email, usually the following day. If your child “is” selected, the next step is to come in for a headshot photo shoot and to sign the contract. If your child is “not” selected, you will have the opportunity to bring them back at the next interview session 6 months later. Remember, there are no “ugly” children out there, so if your child does “not” get selected, it may mean that we just aren’t in need of your childs “look” or they may just need some extra time to grow up a little bit. Some cute kids are very shy! Shyness or children that are really “clingy” to their Mom or Dad, won’t work for the modeling and acting industry. They need to be able to work well with other children and people they don’t know. Keep this in mind. You would “always” be present for all auditions and jobs!

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