Aaron H.

DOB: 3-28-14

Agora S.

DOB: 6-28-16


DOB: 12-04-15

BIO: AJ loves being the center of attention. He enjoys playtime with other children and being outdoors. He always draws attention and is naturally photogenic.

Alana W.

DOB: 11-11-15

Alana is a fun and spunky child! She loves to sing, dance and play musical instruments. Not only does she enjoy posing for pictures, she likes to be behind the camera taking them too!

Alanna R.

DOB: 4-28-16

Alex C.

DOB: 4-09-16

Alexis H.

DOB: 1-17-16

Anastacia T.

DOB: 2-14-13

This little firecracker is energized by the crowd. She enjoys twirling like she learned in her beginner ballet lessons. She loves to role play and pretend and has a big imagination.

Anastyn M.

DOB: 3-13-14

Arabella B.

DOB: 1-22-16

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