Huntlee C.

DOB: 8-11-16

Huntlee is a very happy, outgoing, tiny ball of fun! She loves dogs and has three miniature chihuahuas. When music comes on at gymnastics she dances, claps, and giggles. Her smile is stunning and she is extremely friendly to everyone who comes in contact with her!

Isaac S.

DOB: 4-26-16

Isabella & Italia S.

DOB: 4-02-14

Italia- She likes to sing and likes to interact and play with children a little older then her. She loves books and is daring and adventurous. She is empathetic but also outgoing.

Isabella- She likes dancing and music. She loves animals and is very independent. She can be a diva at times but she also likes to make others laugh by being silly.

Jackson S.

DOB: 5-13-14

J. Anthony R.

DOB: 2-20-16

Jaykob M.

DOB: 4-08-13

Kairi B.

DOB: 1-15-16

She’s friendly, talkative and has lots of fun dancing and playing with other kids. She loves taking pictures and dressing up.

Khloe H.

DOB: 10-16-14

K’lianna R.

DOB: 5-05-16

Lola P.

DOB: 6-13-16

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