Emma Davis

Height: 45″
Dress: 5
Shirt: 4-5
Pants: 5
Shoe: 12-13
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Elizabeth Soto

Dress: 7
Shirt: 7
Pants: 7
Shoe: 1
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Shayne Gallegos

Height: 4’6″
Shirt: 8-10
Pants: 10 slim
Shoe: 3 1/2 youth
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Jazzerous Villarreal

Height: 5’1″
Suit: 14-16 slim
Shirt: large
Pants: 14 slim
Shoe: 8.5

HEB “Carnesazo”
HEB “Noche Buena”
HEB “Carnesazo”

Ronald McDonald house charity – HACER scholarship program

Dillard’s back to school fashion show

Isabella Macfadden

Height: 4’10”
Dress: 10
Shirt: 10
Pants: 10
Shoe: 6
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Theater – Narrator and lead role as “Miriam” in the production: Are We There Yet
Choir – Atonement Academy
Public Speaking – Sacred Heart Church, St. Luke’s Episcopal, St. James Episcopal
Photo shoots with photographers – Cindy Twedt, Sarah Freeman

Madison Aikens

Height: 3’8″
Dress: 5T
Shirt: 5T
Pants: 5T
Shoe: toddler 10 1/2
Hair: Red/Auburn
Eyes: Blue

Short Film “The Hunt” – University of Texas short film
New Sky Pictures – Web series/YouTube channel
Photo shoot photographer Cindy Twedt, San Antonio, Tx

Braddock Benton


Shirt: 5/6
Pants: 5/6
Shoe: 13
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

(Twin with Ainsley Benton)

Schlitterbahn Water Park – TV Commercial
Jon Hart Design – Promotional Video

Ainsley Benton


Dress: 5/6
Shirt: 5
Pants: 5
Shoe: 12
Hair: Dark Blonde
Eyes: Blue

(Twin with Braddock Benton)

Schlitterbahn Water Park – TV Commercial

Gavin Posada


Height: 4’4″
Shirt: Large (10)
Pants: 10
Shoe: 4
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Auto Insurance Commercial
Dental Convention Model
Sewing Machine Commercial/Print Ad
Photography Convention Model

Viola Magruder


Height: 3’10”
Weight: 76
Dress: 10
Shirt: 10-12
Pants: 10-12
Shoe: 4
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Hazel

2014 State Finalist (Texas)
My Little Pony (Rarity)
2014 PLITZS Fashion Democracy

PLITZS Modeling: Runway and Modeling
Talent Inc.: Talent and Auditioning Workshop
PASA: Musical Theatre and Voice

I’m a smart, silly, adventurous girl, who can come off a little shy at first glance. Most of the time I’m easygoing and love to try new things. Going to the beach and being in the water makes me happy. I’ve learned to surf, snorkel, kayak and even sail by myself. I enjoy the adrenaline rush that roller coasters give me. My favorite sports to participate in are soccer, gymnastics and rock climbing. On my downtime I love to design tree houses on both paper and using Legos. A lot of my designs I create on Minecraft. I love my little brother and just having fun playing with him. When ever we get a chance we go to Comic-Cons and I love to dress up.

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